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WordPress Fail2Ban with CentOS 7 / EL7

Ok, so probably the reason you’re because you’re being swamped with failed login attempts against wp-login, or perhaps xmlrpc.

Why Engaging Content Wins Over The Competition!

Keeping your website in fresh, unique and engaging content is extremely important for a number of different reasons. Search Strategy provide content ge...

wp-cli CentOS rpms

wp-cli is a really, REALLY useful tool. I’m pretty much using it on all of the wordpress servers that I manage now. But it can be a little awkward to ins...

WordPress Security Tips – readme files

When an attacker arrives at your url (or a scripted bot, for that matter) one of the things it will look to discover is exploitable code

WordPress Webroot Ownership / Permissions Script

Ok, so I’ve seen a fair amount of “run this script to fix your permissions” posts about, and for a number of reasons I don’t really like them.

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