Google Apps Outlook Migration

Google Apps For Business is a really useful (paid) service for businesses that do not want to administrative implications of maintaining their own mailserver infrastructure, but still need business-grade mail functions.

In order to configure Outlook to use Google Apps For Business , and migrate your existing email..this guide might be useful.

Step 1 – Login to gmail using your Google Apps credentials.

If Xreflow have configured your Google Apps account, then you will have received an email with your connection credentials on, use these.

go to and login using your credentials..


Login to your gmail/google apps for business account

Once logged in, you will either get to accept the terms and conditions, then change your password…or go straight to the inbox..


Step 2 – Download Google Apps Sync

go to and download the latest version of the google apps sync tool


Step 3 –  install Google Apps sync

Click the downloaded file in your browser, or go to your Downloads folder and double click the downloaded file.

The application will start up and configure itself



Step 4 – Configure Google Apps Sync

Once the tool is installed, it will ask you to login to your Google Apps account..The email address is the one you have setup with Google Apps ( )


You may be asked for your password again, if so enter your password and click to continue.

Once you’ve authenticated, a new browser window will open, asking you to confirm the permissions for Google Apps Sync, scroll to the bottom and agree these settings.



Next, select your existing Outlook profile (if you have one) to migrate to Google Apps. Check “Migrate all data”, then click “Next”



Next, select the items (Calendar, Contacts, etc) that you wish to migrate to Google Apps. Then click “migrate”




If everything went well, you should get the following message



Step 5 – Start Outlook

On first run, Outlook should ask you which profile to use, choose the Google Apps profile you just created, and click “OK”



Apps sync will now start to syncronize and migrate your profile to your Google Apps account. You can minimise this window, or close it when completed.




It may take some time to migrate all of your email and calendar items to your new account, but the process should happen in the background, allowing you to continue with your work. Each time you start Outlook you will be presented with the following to confirm that sync is taking place.