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Keeping up to date with the latest technology, products, version upgrades, legislations, and maintaining existing hardware, and networks can be a real nightmare for many companies, particularly those who do not have a dedicated IT department or IT Technician.

At XREflow we offer IT consultancy to both public and private companies, to charities and government organisations, we believe in delivering a personal service learning as much as possible about your business objectives so we can deliver the perfect IT solution for you. We are the invaluable resource to help make you successful.

XReflow IT Consultancy services are not just for companies and organisations, we have seen a real increase in enquiries from private residence. If you are looking to improve your security by way of cameras, wish to have your home office fully networked or require your wireless network installed and configured we can help.


Advice & Recommendations: Meeting with clients to discuss business objectives and to gain knowledge about the business in order to recommend and advise on IT solutions.

Diagnose: Diagnose existing IT challenges, offer solutions and highlight opportunities.

Productivity: Recommendations to help improve staff productivity.

Systems: Analyse and recommend new systems to help increase productivity.

Projects: Assist on projects, design, implementation and testing.

Support: IT support by way of telephone, email, or site visit

Common scenarios which our IT Consultancy Service receive:

My business is growing faster than my IT set up can cope with... This is a common problem, don’t worry, our IT consultants can call in to your place of work and discuss your requirements. Whether you require a complete upgrade or simply need additional hardware, our consultants will be honest, and explain exactly what you require to keep your business running efficiently.

I have a project idea which needs implementing... XReflow are available for one off projects, saving you the need to employ staff. Our IT Consultants will meet with you to discuss your project, and return with a complete solution including project management, design, coding, implementation, training, configuring, and if required on going support. Projects completed include – animation, websites, and software solutions.

I am moving office, can you help?... Our IT Consultants will visit your existing office to assess your current network and hardware. They will be able to offer advice on how best to tackle your move. They will visit your new site advising on how best to set up your new network, and how to conduct the move with the minimal disruption to your business. XReflow can help dismantle and move hardware, re-install at the new location and configure, so you are ready for business.

I’m increasing staff, so I need a new workstation... We are always pleased to hear that our clients businesses are doing well, and they require additional staff. Let our IT consultants come to you, we can check your network is set up for more workstations, discuss your workstation requirements. We can then build and configure a workstation at our office, then simply call in and install. The IT consultant will fully test that all the software applications are working correctly and that the workstation is talking to the network, ready for your new member of staff.

Our network has grown I think we need a server? Another common scenario, when a business owner starts out on his/her own, then slowly begins to introduce staff. Perhaps all the extra workstations are sharing information from the first workstation installed? This, as the network grows, can become problematic, XReflows IT consultants will visit you on site and discuss your requirements. Create a server and configure so that all work stations are correctly pointing to the main dedicated server, meaning you can concentrate on the more important things.

I need new software to help my business function more productively... Are you doing too many tasks for just one job? Perhaps it is time to introduce new software which will be time saving and make the processes smoother. XReflow consultants can meet with you and discuss your business and learn what you are currently doing, they will return with bespoke software solutions which fit your company. Furthermore they will install, configure and train your staff to avoid any unnecessary business downtime.

I have a new business, and need to be set up... Let us help and advise you on what you require for your IT and network. Our IT Consultants will meet with you and discuss your business objectives to fully understand your long term vision. This will allow us to offer you a solution which can grow at your businesses pace. Supplying the core requirements for your business with room for expansion as your business grows.

My workstations are old, slow and out of date... We can offer you quotations on new work stations, including transferring of data, set up and configuration. We will also remove your old hardware see recycling Hardware.

We have cables everywhere, its a health and safety nightmare! We have dedicated network installers who can visit your office and advise you on how you can lose unnecessary cables. This could either be by introducing an upgrade in data cabling or going wireless, one solution does not fit all office environments, we have the flexibility to offer you a solution for you.

We need affordable IT Support... Many companies are not large enough to justify having their own IT person or department, XReflow are able to offer support and remote monitoring. This can be managed by monthly packages or pay as you go.

I need to migrate to cloud?... Get in touch and allow our IT Consultants to take the worry away from migrating to cloud.

I have a new build and need it to be fully networked... We are often called into new builds and restorations, once we have spoken to you and gained full knowledge of what your requirements are, we can offer a solution incorporating cabling, wireless and all hardware. Our network installation team will fit, configure and test, so you can sit back and relax in your new home or office.

I need to connect a building to my network?...Our consultants will visit your site and offer advise on the best way to connect a building to your network. They will asses the distance, evaluate risk and offer the best solution, offering a comprehensive proposal. Take a look at our network installation services.

My usual software is requiring an upgrade and no longer works!... Our IT Consultants can help and advise on firmware upgrades, software changes and configuration issues.