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Network Installations carried out by experienced installation team.

XReflow Limited are one of the leading network installers in the UK, providing a huge range of services to ensure that your network is fast, stable and complete so you can concentrate on business productivity. No fuss installation services include fibre, data, VOIP, and wireless. XReflow will take care of everything for you, from the laying of the cables, installation of equipment, configuration, testing and on going maintenance.

At XReflow we can undertake projects of all sizes, in locations such as Schools, shops, local authorities and in private homes, delivering a professional and uncompromising level of quality.

XReflow network installation services include:

Data Network Cabling (CAT6 and above)

Data cable is a fundamental part of a network installation and as with any technology we have seen data cable evolve over the years. The majority of our installations are using CAT6, however we are seeing an increase in use of CAT6a and CAT7. CAT6 has been manufactured for less repeat transmissions, meaning that your network will rarely have any downtime, essential for any business or organisation. Which ever grade of CAT you use from 6 upwards you can be safe in the knowledge that your structured cabling network will be capable of transferring data, multimedia and voice data between workstations, and offices.

Data cabling is easy to manage, means you require less wiring for different applications, and it is in place for any new technology that you wish to add to your network.

Fibre Optic Network Installations:

Fibre Optic Cables allow large amounts of data to move very quickly, however this comes at a cost, so the fibre optic cable is generally used as a connection between Comms rooms and cabinets, and over longer distances than data (copper) cables can manage.

Wireless Network Installations:

Each wireless project is different, so XReflow will visit and assess requirements and find a bespoke solution at an affordable price.

The XReflow team have years of experience and all come from IT & Network backgrounds. As a customer you are getting the very best professional installers, with minimum impact on your business during installation. Project dependent, your equipment will be pre configured off site, which will make the installation quicker.

The XReflow installation team will carryout rigorous checks and tests on WAN (internet connectivity) and LAN (cable and wireless) to make sure that your network is running at optimum efficiency.

CAT3 Cabling (Voice):

There is little need for voice cabling these days as CAT6 and above and fibre optic cable can do both data and VoIP. If you currently have CAT3 installation, then perhaps it is time to update your network, contact XReflow for a free no obligation advice and quotation.

Network Maintenance:

Slow networks cost companies and organisations money, it frustrates staff and affects work flow.

Do you have an old network installation, and have been adding to it and now finding it a bit slow? It could be time to call us in so we can carryout a network check for you. We will quickly be able to ascertain what the problem could be, and offer you cost effective solutions.

Is your network simply running slow? XReflow can run tests on your existing network to help find the cause and offer solutions. Slow networks could be all manner of things from a faulty switch to a battered wall box! XReflow will find the fault honestly, and charge accordingly.

Network Expansion:

Has your network grown? You may find that the network you had installed is no longer big enough to support your expanding business. At XReflow we can add to your network running more cables, more wall connections, and install comm cabinets, along with tidying up cables which could be a safety risk.

The XReflow can add wireless to your existing network if it is preferable, the benefits of this mean less cable required and the ability to work anywhere in the office.