Refurbished & Recycled PCs

Xreflow will assist you in refurbished PC’s or recycling your old PCs.

What to do with your old PC’s

Whether you are a business or a private user, if you are looking to purchase a new PC you may have reservations on:

  • a) what you should do with your old PC
  • b) How do you recycle the PC in an ethical way
  • c) How do you ensure that your existing data will not get into the wrong hands?

At XReflow we offer a Recycling Service to both existing, and new customers.

We will collect your old PC’s, and take them back to our high security workshop. Our professional engineers will strip down the old PC’s, priority will be the removal of the hard drives. Our team will digitally shred each hard drive removing all traces of sensitive data. The next stage of the PC recycling will be to remove all other parts separating in to recyclable items, and items which need to be ecologically disposed of.

What about all the other IT Equipment we are replacing?

We wont just remove the PC’s, if you want XReflow to clear all unwanted IT equipment we can do this for you also. XReflow offer a Network Installation Service, this tends to come hand in hand with the removal of old IT equipment such as printers, routers, switches, along with in some cases if required, old unwanted data cable.

Refurbished PC’s

As a business grows in staff, so do the requirements for new work stations, in some cases the outlay of a new PC with a high performance is too much for a company to consider. This is where a recycled PC works very well, particularly if the workstation is a temporary measure.

If you are an individual user, and require an upgrade on your existing PC, then a refurbished option, is a great option. Perhaps you are sharing your PC with all the family, and simply getting a very expensive PC for all to use is too greater expense.

We can offer you a great range in refurbished PC’s, these are either provided with CentOS installation, or a brand new retail Windows Licence.

For more information on Recycling PC’s and or Refurbished PC’s get in touch with us today, our friendly knowledgeable team are happy to help.