Servers & PC's

XReflow provide servers & PC's built to your specific requirements

For many companies who are long established it is not unusual to be working on servers & PC’s which are old and perhaps running slow. In our experience the thought of changing and upgrading computers fills people with dread, the thought of disruption and losing data.

At XReflow we understand, this is why our IT Consultants will discuss with you your requirements and concerns which allows us to offer a solution with minimal fuss, and with no loss of data.

If a company is expanding and require new PC’s for additional staff, XReflow can discuss requirements and build a workstation to meet with requirements, install, configure and test.

If it is time for you to upgrade your server, create one, or perhaps you are considering a Cloud server, get in touch and allow us to advise you on how best to go forward for your particular business.

This page has been written so you can understand the main services we provide, when our IT consultant discusses your requirements they will look in more depth at your requirements. This will address requirements such as security, virtulisation, and back ups, along with recommended operating systems.



In order to to cause as little disruption to your business as possible we will configure local servers and PCs at our office. We will also ask you for any software that is required, which we will be pre-load and tested before installation at your office.

Data Transfer:

All new PC’s and servers will have previous data transferred on to them, which means the only thing you will notice as a user is the speed in which your new server or PC works, and the new hardware in your office.

Useful Information:

What is a server?

A server is a dedicated machine which stores all information allowing other users to connect and work from. Having all data in one place means easy access for users and easy back ups of data.

Why have a local server rather than a cloud?

As with anything their are pro’s and con’s, and our IT Consultants will be able to talk to you about what may be the best solution for you.

The pros of a local server:

You do not require the internet to be able to access it. You own the server and therefore once you have it in your possession the only outgoings will be maintaining it. Your server is not controlled by a third party. Now a days servers are can be relatively small, and therefore do not take up too much space.

The Hybrid Approach:

In some cases clients prefer to have both cloud and a local server, whichever solution you decide on following on from our consultancy, you can be sure that XReflow will be able to assist you.

Other services that are relevant to servers and PC’s

Network Installation:

XReflow Network Installation Service.

Old Hardware:

XReflow can remove any old hardware which you no longer require, ensuring that all data is removed and the hardware is disposed of in an ethical way.

IT Maintenance & Support:

XRelow offer affordable IT maintenance and support on either a monthly package or as a pay as you go.